Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Getting the order of your teams right is important! We have made it easier on the creation side to make sure the ordering of players is correct but now we have also made it much easier to simply swap players around within the same team.
Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 10
We've seen that it can be difficult to create the exact teams you want in our old way of making teams, so now you can create teams of any size and name them directly in event setup without having to rely on just the ordering of players.
You can now create, print, and display pin locations on the live leaderboard for events where you'd like them.
Click Hole By Hole settings and input the data required and your pin sheet will be printable and displayed on the leaderboard.
Previously, you could select whether a pairing was the A group or the B group. But for larger events, you may need 3 groups per hole so we added a C group option.
You asked and we delivered. Now you can easily replace a no show with a blind draw and their scores will be automatically copied over and kept in sync throughout the round.
We know how important support is and in an effort to make it scale even better for you, we've added an in app chat box where you will be able to ask and get answers (from the Live Tourney team) if you have questions.
Give it a try (or just say hello!) and let us know what you think!
We've added a brand new full results printout where you can show the results by flight, payouts, skins, deuces, contests, etc.
Great for sending out a post round email and attaching the results!
You can now track and calculate the results of your Calcutta auctions for single and multiround events by clicking "Parimutuel & Calcutta". Determine payouts by flight or for the whole field and choose if you want to include a house cut.
Added the following options for registrations:
  • Non-golf registrations (dinner events, raffles, etc)
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Waitlist once event reaches capacity
Store old events in the archive so that you can focus on the upcoming events but still leverage the archived events when you need them. You can now archive all event types and view or hide them whenever you like.
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